Georgiana residents to be offered discount drug card plan in August

Published 4:40 pm Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A launch date of August 18 has been set for the City of Georgiana’s participation in the National League of Cities’ Prescription Discount Card Plan.

At the July meeting, council member Bryon Ward reported the plan, which will provide Georgiana citizens with a free card allowing discounts on prescription medications, would go into effect next month.

“We’ll be involved in a conference call this month with about ten other cities held by the sponsors of this program to help us get up and running and you’ll see promotional materials and media attention on the plan,” Ward said.

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According to Ward, the program offers customers who are without health insurance or who have prescriptions not covered by insurance, an average savings of 20 percent on their medications.

“Our Fred’s pharmacy here in Georgiana will be a participant, along with CVS and Caremark stores. This means if you are traveling and you need to get a prescription filled, you can use your drug card in other places and still save,” Ward said.

According to the NLC website, there are no fees, restrictions or limits on how often the card may be used. All Georgiana residents and their family members will be eligible for the card.

In other council news, the city:

-Approved request by the Butler County Health Department for the same funding ($450/month) as last year and the use of the community house for FY 2011.

-Approved request by OCAP for $3,000 for FY 2011. The city will continue to provide a building and pay utilities in lieu of actual monetary payment to OCAP.

-Passed Resolution 2010-08, approval of sale of Surplus Property

-Tabled passage of a new sign ordinance until it can be re-written.