Up & Down Commerce St. – July 10

Published 4:46 pm Monday, July 12, 2010

The city is prepping for its second round of demolition to homes that have long since fallen into a state of chaotic disrepair. Handclaps all around for this. Too long have these dilapidated structures dotted the landscape of our Camellia City.

We know some would argue that the city’s efforts infringes on the rights of the property owner to do what he will with his property. Another case of the government telling the property owner how his home should be maintained or how it should look. While we’re all for the rights of the individual homeowner, the homes targeted for demolition, in this case, have clearly been neglected and abandoned to time’s awful march. Many of these homes are unsafe and have become nesting places for drug users and dealers and God knows what else. It’s high time the city cleansed our streets of these structures. There’s nothing more dissatisfying then seeing a well-kept lawn and beautiful house, then turning the corner to see a ragtag shack riddled with more holes then a slice of Swiss cheese.

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A gas price update: average price per gallon has fallen in Alabama by 3.6 cents this last week. $2.41 the average in Greenville as we write this. Something tells us we’re being set up for a gasoline price hike the likes of which we have never seen.

Especially with the Gulf still an oily muck.

We thought our Fourth of July would be spent in Montgomery at Riverwalk Stadium. The Biscuits and the Barons were playing with a fireworks show afterwards. Unfortunately, the seats were sold out with nothing but “limited lawn seating and standing room only” available said the nice lady at the ticket office.

And we had no lawn chairs.

We returned to Greenville. But not before stopping off at Five Guys Burgers and Fries for one of their heavenly delightful hamburgers. Two ground beef patties made to order with fresh ingredients. And enough French fries to make Ronald the Clown hide his head in shame.

We’ve heard Five Guys fries are the worst French fries in America, calorically speaking.

We didn’t care.

As you probably saw in this paper last week, Greenville police arrested a 17-year-old for shooting a gun at some other boys after an argument. We felt this kind of idiocy deserves to be mentioned again. We don’t know how the youth of today got the idea that it was okay to pick up a gun in order to solve problems with other people. While we’re not advocating violence as the solution, if a problem can’t be solved with words at least use your fists.

You might be hurting tomorrow, but at least you’ll be alive.

Greenville’s Mites lost in Troy on Friday, but earned themselves a second-place trophy. And that’s good enough for us to recognize their accomplishments. Good job to all, coaches and players.

It is with the occasional pang of nostalgia that we top the hill and see the old location of the Jr. Food Store. Once, it was bright yellow block of a building that we frequented in our younger days to pluck a handful of comic books from a wire rack spindle and enjoy an Icee. There was nothing quite like stepping into an air-conditioned Jr. Food Store after a walk in the hot summer sun, feeling the cool tile beneath your bare feet and a chance to trade. A few dollars in your pocket and plenty of items to spend them on. It was a small, but good thing.

It may or may not be a good month to buy a new car or truck, but it is a good month to stop by Greenville Motor Company and congratulate Ken Gibson, Charles Haigler and the rest of dealership on their 80th anniversary with Chevrolet. Every Friday and Saturday in July anyone can enjoy a hot dog and slice of apple pie for lunch. Greenville Motor Company has always been an active partner with our schools, donating money and goods for any number of worthy pursuits. We wish them another successful 80 years.

Max Washburn hand delivered us a DVD with almost eight hours of footage from this year’s Hank Williams Festival. Say one thing about Max: he’s thorough. There’s tons of music and singing featured, from local amateurs to a few professionals. We won’t go into detail. As many copies as Max prints up, we’re sure you’re bound to get your hands on one eventually. Thank you much, Max.