Meeting Jett, talking Hank

Published 8:35 pm Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Editor,

I attended my first Hank Williams Sr. Festival in June 2010…there were lots of people, good food, and great entertainment. Hank loved Georgiana and spent time in Greenville as well.

I met him in the 1940s when I was about 7-years-old. he played a show at the Liberty schoolhouse on Highway 10 West. Hank and some of the farmers went behind the schoolhouse and had some moonshine. I was standing on an old stump with a stick in my hand singing my heart out. Hank laughed and said, “Sing it from your heart little girl, just sing it from your heart.”

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Over the years as I sang at different functions, I always remembered his words. Hank was very talented, but was a troubled man. He really loved his music and often sang songs about himself or he and Audrey. He often disappeared for days at a time. You could usually find him at a creek or pond around Georgiana with a guitar, bottle of booze and fishing pole.

I was fortunate enough to meet his daughter, Jett Williams, in Georgiana. She looked so much like Hank, dressed in white with a big hat and guitar. Although she never met her famous dad, she shared many stories told to her by different buddies of her famous dad.

It was a wonderful festival and I hope to attend next year.

Patsy Bishop Post