Land transactions filed June 25 through July 2

Published 3:30 pm Friday, July 2, 2010

June 25

Alltell Communications LLC. Top Abraham Divestiture Company, LLC. Deed tax paid on $108,000.

Janie Ruth Frost to Chandra Coleman, Linda Ruth Frost Coleman, Shawn R. Coleman and Recina Coleman White. Deed tax paid on $4,000.

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Janie Ruth Frost to Recina Coleman Frost. Deed tax paid on $3,000.

Larry L. O’Boyle to Jimmie J. Sharpe and Sandra K. Sharpe. Deed tax paid on $2,500.

June 28

Estate of Annie Bell Little to Pearlie Atkins Zigler. Deed tax paid on $54,500.

June 29

Sandra K. Sellers and Brenda K. Wilkins to Robert T. Wasden Sr. and Wanda H. Wasden. Deed tax paid on $168,000.

July 1

Marcia Golden, Tracy G. Hanrahan and Susan Elizabeth Golden Jones to Cody Elliott and Matthew Elliott. Deed tax paid on $32,000.

Charlotte Butler Blasingame to Bessie Raye Butler. Deed tax paid on $4,000.

C.E. Sikes to Joyce O. Sykes. Deedd tax paid on $65,500.

Gail Griffin Powell to Perry O. Salter. Deed tax paid on $2,000.