Up & Down Commerce – June 28

Published 11:01 am Monday, June 28, 2010

Being a Column of Gossip – both Facts and Fiction – about Folks and Events Up and Down Commerce and Its “Tributaries” – and with respect to former Editor Gene Hardin who Scribed this Article for Decades and was its Originator.

You can almost smell the age coming off our courthouse building, but its been here so long (116 years and counting) would we really know what to do with a new one?

There’s no money to be had for a new building anyway (cash strapped as we are), so we should make the best of this one. So let’s start learning it: the circuit clerk’s office is upstairs, but the circuit clerk himself is downstairs. The DA’s office is right across the hall from the circuit clerk’s office (the upstairs one), but good luck finding an assistant DA because they’re spread out like jelly. The sheriff’s office is where it’s been for years, but he also has an office near the front of the building, (right where the security checkpoint is – look for the BIG sheriff seal). The circuit judge and district judge have offices inside the courtroom, but tiptoe please, court may be in session. If you need a driver’s license, enter the probate office and hang a left. And stop to pay for your car tag while you’re there.

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Taxes, after all, make these things possible.

We’ve been noticing lots of Fort Dale Academy football players frequenting McDonald’s in the mornings when we stop for our daily McMuffin. From what we’ve heard, the Eagles have been working out like gangbusters this summer. Just a little reminder that football season is a hiccup away.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Dr. Sheldon Kushner at Stabler Clinic, do yourself a favor and swing on by. The good doctor, whose column on health issues appears in this paper frequently, has an interesting story about his time served in Vietnam. We won’t spoil it by revealing it here.

We enjoyed an old-fashioned vegetable supper this past Sunday with creamed corn, cucumbers, peas, red potatoes, and cornbread. And some shreds of Boston Butt topped with barbecue sauce for good measure. There’s nothing quite like fresh produce from the ground, boiled, fried, baked and served piping hot on the table on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Do yourself a favor and support the farmers coming into the city for the Farmer’s Market held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the site of the old jail. Construction on the wooden building there is coming along rather nicely as well.

Speaking of fresh produce, we received a nice little email from Leslie Bailey, owner of the Silver Spoon and operator of The Marengo House in Lowndesboro, about her upcoming corn harvest.

The Marengo House donates land for corn as part of a funding grant through the Montgomery Wellness Coalition. The general public is welcome to come pick corn on June 30 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The Marengo House where grilled corn and recipes will also be available. On July 1, any unpicked corn will be donated to local food banks.

So if you need some corn for your Fourth of July holiday grilling, Lowndesboro is the place to get it.

Students, faculty and staff at Greenville High School anxiously await the naming of a school principal. With the summer halfway over, it’s one of two school administrative positions (the other Greenville Middle School) that superintendent Dr. Darren Douthitt must fill. We don’t envy him this task.

While we’re on this subject, we’d like to wish Dr. Kathy Murphy continued success in the Troy City School System as principal of Charles Henderson High School. We’re sure when the Tigers and Trojans meet-up on the gridiron in the fall, she’ll have some mixed feelings about the game. We also wish Dr. Charles Farmer the best in Tennessee.

A car lost its hubcap on Wednesday. It was propped against the wooden post at the corner of Duke Shell Station, sitting forlorn and lonely, waiting for its owner to zoom by and retrieve it. It’s a plastic type, the kind that go easily astray when a hard bump is taken.

We know: we’ve paid for many a hubcap in our days. And they’re not cheap.

Any news or tidbits of information are always welcome for this column. If you have any drop them off at office or email: editor@greenvilleadvocate.com.