Yes Sir: Presley next Tigers QB

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, May 4, 2010

McKenzie coach Miles Brown has a penchant for handing out nicknames to his players. Big Freckle. Boo-Man. E-Man. Little Nugget.

His starting quarterback next season doesn’t need one, he said.

“He’s just Sir Wallace,” said Brown.

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Sir Wallace Presley will take over for the departed Calvin Henderson at quarterback next season for the Tigers. Presley said his unique first name came from his mother. His grandfather was named Wallace, so his mother just added a “Sir” to it.

Presley played in nearly every game last year for the Tigers, said Brown, including the majority of the Kinston contest when Henderson was out with an injury.

“He showed some good poise in the pocket and that he had promise,” said Brown. “He’s a good passer…he can throw the football.”

Presley said he wants to spend this offseason working on his footwork in the pocket and understanding, better, what opposing defenses trying to do on the field.

“I just want to work with coach where I’m better at reading what the safeties and linebackers are doing,” he said.

Presley will share time with his brother Emmanuel Johnson (Johnson runs the Tigers’ “Zulu” package, also known as the “Wildcat”).

“He (Johnson) talks to me out there (on the field)…just about being comfortable in the pocket and to be sure and watch my back for the blitz,” said Presley. “We’re always competing…I’m trying to be better then him and he’s trying to be better then me. But he’s one of the best.”