GPRD Baseball results

Published 6:52 pm Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dixie Minor

White Sox 12, Braves 4

Trevor Langford and Taite Watson each drove in three runs to lead the White Sox to a 12-4 victory over the Braves in Dixie Minor action on Monday.

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Nydarius Stone went 2-for-2 at the plate for the White Sox. Also adding hits were: Ryan Davis, Cameron Brooks, and Michael Leroy.

Bryce Yancey and Devory Cook had hits for the Braves.

Astros 2, Red Sox 0

The Astros broke open a scoreless game with two runs in the fifth inning with both Gavin Hubar and Keller Rodgers reaching home.

Cole English, Austin Phillips and Zach Winters had hits for the Astros, as did Alan Parker.

Ryan Gaston had the lone hit for the Red Sox.

Tigers 5, Rays 3

Tydarius Powell, Sullivan Harold, and Carter Boswell all had hits and the Tigers scored five runs to beat the Rays, 5-3.

Tyler Powell had a hit for the Rays.

Red Sox 8, Rays 7

Logan Vickery, Anthony Sellers, Curtis Robinson, and Clay Thompson all drove in runs as the Red Sox edged the Rays 8-7 on Thursday. Thompson went a perfect 3-for-3 at the plate for the Red Sox, as did Anthony Sellers who had a single and a triple. Douglas Crews and Jackson Edwards also added a pair of singles.

The Rays were held hitless, but Blake Anthony, Wilson Ellis, Treyton McGough, Tanner Dunklin, and Tyler Powell all scored runs after reaching base on walks.

Tigers 11, Braves 5

The Tigers got just one hit – a triple in the second from Tydarius Powell – but got plenty of players on base to beat the Braves, 11-5. Scoring for the Tigers were: Aubrey Reeves, Heath Crawford, Sullivan Harold, Carter Boswell, Sawyer Harris, Powell, Chase Crase, Koby Bowen, and Lee Reeves.

Bryce Yancey and Jarrod Johnson had two singles for the Braves.

Dixie Youth

Cubs 3, Giants 6

Kenny Harden drove in a pair of runs and Kyler Weeks had a double RBI to lead the Giants to a 6-3 win on Friday over the Cubs. Also adding hits for the Giants were: Drake Scoggins, Avery Shipp, Jeffery Tillery, Reed Crosby, William Brown, Zach Yarner, and Anthony Kion.

DeArius Mitchell and Devon Middleton each had singles for the Cubs.

Braves 12, Pirates 2

Cody Parker had a single and two RBIs to lead the Braves in a 12-2 win on Friday over the Pirates. Brandon Blackmon had a pair of singles and an RBI.

Barrett Bush had a single RBI, Austin Vickery had an RBI double and Cardell Bell had a single.

Clay McMeans, Kylar Moore, and Jacob Till each had hits for the Pirates.