Local man brings soccer to Greenville

Published 3:53 pm Monday, April 12, 2010

Although soccer is played all over the world, its popularity in the United States has only grown recently.

Bo Daniel, 33, has played soccer all over the world, traveling as far as Germany.

He said soccer has not caught on that much in Greenville.

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“After they go through recreational leagues, they don’t have another option to keep playing,” Daniel said.

When Daniel made a visit to the local YMCA, however, he saw a group playing soccer.

The group was a travel team, and they needed a coach. Later, Lisa McKae called Daniel and talked him into it.

Daniel, who has a full-time job with Alfa Insurance, said he never planned on coaching.

Nor did he plan on this coaching gig transforming into a full-blown co-ed school team at Fort Dale Academy.

“It came as a last minute thing,” Daniel said. “Fort Dale really helped us out. Coach Speed really quickly called athletic directors at other schools to set up the games.”

Because Fort Dale lacked the necessary equipment, they have not had any home games this year. Daniel hopes, however, that the program will grow.

“We’ve had 8 games this year, and it’s been a lot of fun,” Daniel said.

The team has traveled everywhere from Autauga to Lee-Scott to play, Daniel said. They practice two times a week, and Daniel said they also usually play two games per week.

“A lot of the players have never played soccer before,” Daniel said. “Some people don’t realize how physical the sport is.”

Daniel thanked the Greenville YMCA, Amanda Phillips and Diane Burkett for cooperating by giving them a place to practice.

“The kids love it, and I have had a great time with it,” Daniel said. “As long as they continue to have fun, I’ll continue to coach.”