Lighthouse Christian Academy prepares for registration

Published 2:08 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After years of prayer, preparation and hard work, Lighthouse Christian Academy is preparing to open its doors.

The Academy is part of Crenshaw Community Baptist Church and plans to serve students from K4 to fifth grade.

Pastor Ira Walton, Sr., who also serves as the Academy’s president, said that one of their main goals is to offer a Christ-centered education at an affordable price.

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To keep prices down, Walton and his family built the school building themselves.

“We prayed for about five years before moving forward,” Walton said. “Our only stipulation is that we can’t borrow money, so we just prayed for it. We built it all ourselves, and we had to do that to keep tuition down. The building is debt-free.”

The building itself is reminiscent of older schoolhouses where more than one grade was taught in the same room.

The academy has three learning centers (one for K4 and K5, one for first and second grade, and one for third through fifth grades), and Walton said that each child’s curriculum is tailored specifically for them.

“Everyone is going to be given an exam before they come here, and based on their strengths and weaknesses, we’ll build an individual curriculum,” Walton said.

The school will use the Alpha and Omega curriculum, which is similar to the A Beka system.

One other aspect the school plans to emphasize is discipline.

Walton said that every student will have a responsibility, such as wiping tables, sweeping or emptying the trash.

“Work is something we should pride ourselves on,” he said. “You’ve got to teach responsibility and develop a strong work habit.”

While school won’t begin until August, the Academy is already working to get the ball rolling.

Registration is open for the entire month of April, which will allow time to test incoming students and organize a curriculum for them.

The registration fee is $50, while Walton estimates that monthly tuition has not been finalized, but will be between $230 and $250.

For more information or to register, call 296-7749.