County Board of Education receives exemplary state review

Published 8:40 pm Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two weeks ago, the Crenshaw County Board of Education underwent a Compliance Review and the stellar results of that review were announced at last week’s meeting.

Throughout the three-day review, only three citations were found among 385 indicators used in the exam.

“Dr. Don Jefferson, who was the State Department of Education Compliance Review team leader, told us at our exit conference that they had done reviews in which systems had received 80-90 citations,” said superintendent Kathi Wallace. “We are extremely proud of the review. I’ve been through three of them now, and this is best review we’ve ever had. But, we are used to having good reviews in Crenshaw County. We usually don’t have many citations.”

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“It is important to us to do our best to see that we are in compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines,” Wallace added.

Nine different State employees participated in the review and covered areas like administration and finance, federal programs, career technical education, preventions and support, technology and transportation.

Members of that team reviewed supporting documentation at the Central Office, visited the local schools to make sure that documentation was accurate, and conducted interviews at the local schools which included, but was not limited to, administrators, teachers and parents.

“The CR was truly a collaborative effort among our central office staff, local school staffs and parents,” Wallace said. “Randy Wilkes, Federal Programs Coordinator, was our local Team Leader. We also had community support while preparing for the review.”

“Mitch Thorn and the Southeast Alabama Gas District partnered with us to provide breakfast on the first day of the review as well as refreshments for the entire stay of the CR team. We are grateful for all of the support,” she added.