Vote ‘junior Obamas’ out of office

Published 1:34 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear editor,

Seems like its a dead heat race between the county board of education and the Butler County commissioners to see which entity can put Butler County in bankruptcy first. The board of education put the county in debt for new school buildings and now don’t have enough money to see teachers paid and run the schools, which proves the education system in Butler County must be as far down the scale as it can go since it has not produced a single student in the last 50 years with enough brains to hire a superintendent of education.

Now, the county commissioners want to sock the tax payers with more taxes to put a fool elevator in the court house and the sheriff wants as many cars and troops as Montgomery.

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Of course these wise men and women couldn’t foretell the economic crisis, the worst since the bust of the 1920s, since millions of people were out of work, losing their homes right here in Greenville.

If the good citizens of this county don’t rise up and vote these junior Obamas out of office it’s gonna be a sad day in Butler County.

Billy Calhoun