Greenville ready for payback

Published 7:03 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greenville vs Demopolis

Coach Ben Blackmon said this game is going to be “a slobberknocker,” and honestly, I can’t think of a better word to describe it.

Not only is this a top-10 showdown for a region championship, but you can guarantee that Greenville has had this one circled on their calendar for a year.

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“They are a very athletic, fast, physical and aggressive team,” Blackmon said.

Last year, the Tigers jumped out to an early lead, but Demopolis came back in the second half to win the game 48-41 and ultimately send Greenville on the road for the first round of the playoffs.

It’s also fall break, which means that the players won’t have school until Thursday.

“Maybe that’ll give the guys a chance to rest a little more and get their mind on football,” Blackmon said.

You’d better believe Greenville will be ready for this one.

With the region championship on the line and revenge on their mind (not to mention the fact that it’s senior night), the Tigers will certainly be pumped up.

Blackmon encouraged fans to show up and wear all black to the game, and there will also be a pep rally Thursday at 6 p.m. in Tiger Stadium.

Demopolis won’t be a pushover, but I think Greenville will be able to hold them off like they did against Carver earlier this year.

Greenville 42, Demopolis 28

Fort Dale at Monroe

The Eagles also have their work cut out for them when they travel to Monroeville Friday night to take on the Volunteers.

The Vols have only lost one game in the last two seasons, and that was an overtime loss to eventual state runner-up Lowndes Academy in the second round of the playoffs.

“They are a very impressive football team,” said head coach Speed Sampley. “They’ve got a quarterback that can throw, a running back that can run, and a 3-5 defense that plays very well.”

“They’ll probably be the No. 1 team in the state by the time we play them,” Sampley added.

One concern for the Eagles is sure to be the flu.

The junior varsity team had 14 players at practice on Monday, and all the pee-wee and termite games were cancelled on Tuesday.

There’s really no way of knowing if the varsity team will be affected between now and Friday.

“If we’ve got 18 kids that can play, we’ll go and play with 18,” Sampley said.

On a positive note, the Eagles do have the original members of the offensive line back together for the first time since the third game of the season.

FDA is no stranger to taking out the top team in the state, but the only question is how healthy the Eagles will be.

If they’re running at 85 percent or better, I expect them to pull out a win. Otherwise, things could get interesting.

Fort Dale 35, Monroe 24

BCMS vs Coffeeville

Coffeeville comes into this game with a 1-6 record, but BCMS head coach Shane Smothers expects them to be ready to play.

“We played flat over there last year, and they took it to us,” he said.

The BCMS came away with a win in that game, but this week, the stake are considerably higher.

Not only is it homecoming in Georgiana, but the Panthers are also fighting for a playoff spot.

“We’re in a must-win situation from here on out,” Smothers said. “If Coffeeville or J.F. Shields beats us, we’re out, so we’ve got a do-or-die attitude this week.”

Like the other county schools, the Panthers are having a fall break this week, which Smothers sees as a positive thing.

“It’s going to give our kids a lot of rest,” he said. “It’s homecoming, so they’re going to be distracted either way. If we don’t respond to the pressure of this game, we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.”

As long as BCMS is able to stay healthy this week, I don’t think Coffeeville will be a problem.

However, that’s why they play the game.

If BCMS isn’t ready, Coffeeville very well can come out crush the Panthers’ playoff hopes.

I expect the Panthers to be ready.

BCMS 27, Coffeeville 13

McKenzie vs Kinston

Last week was a huge setback for the McKenzie Tigers.

Back in 2007, Brantley brought McKenzie’s season to a crashing halt, setting up four straight losses for the Tigers.

Even worse than the losses, quarterback Sattrick Rudolph was injured and lost for the season.

It’s déj vu all over again for the Tigers after quarterback Calvin Henderson suffered a shoulder injury last Friday and Armand Ball came out of the game with a leg injury.

Coach Miles Brown isn’t sure how long the Tigers will be without the two of them.

McKenzie gets a visit from Kinston this Friday night, which is a bit of a blessing.

The Bulldogs snapped their 28-game losing streak earlier this season, but they’re still not that great of a team.

I think Kinston might be just what the doctor ordered to give the Tigers time to get healthier before taking on Providence Christian and rival BCMS.

“Everybody else seems to be alright. We’re just trying to move on, put this loss behind us and keep going,” Brown said.

McKenzie 35, Kinston 6

Overall record: 21-7