Ball family relatives still have questions

Published 10:59 am Thursday, September 3, 2009

Was the debt paid in full?

Dear Editor:

We, the extended family of the Ball Family, stand at your graves on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the murders of our loved ones. There remains the same questions for some—who, what, when, and of course, why?

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1. Who did the killing? Yes, Westley Harris sits in prison today. Was he the only one or was he the one? No, that was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Today, there are more questions than ever. There is no peace, for the pieces never fit. So, doubt continues on since the day of his conviction.

2. What happened? What happened to start such a horrible crime? We know it had nothing to do with the so-called motive because he still lived with them. No legal papers were filed to present such reaction.

3. When was the order given and by whom?

4. And now the big question—why? Why did a family of six have to die? There was no answer in court, and there has been no attempt to find an answer.

Justice is supposed to be blind. Well, on Sept. 3, 2002, justice took her blind off and until this day, it remains off. The state of Alabama has another crime to add to its long list of injustices. Time will one day pull the covers off the truth for us all to see. So, my family, sleep on and rest. We will never forget, and this will pass from one generation to another until the day when the truth shall be told. Until then, my family: Mila R., JoAnn, Jerry, Tony and John, you can rest in peace.

Your extended family,

Eula Salter

Marietta, Ga.