Officer responds to article

Published 7:14 pm Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Editor:

Yes, such a wonderful article. Nothing like good journalism at its best. What I would like to ask certain city employees and the citizens who seem to have a problem with “the Mexican” is if the view from the cheap seats is pretty good. I’m glad to know that you all are with me 24/7, know my job well, and especially can sleep like little babies at night while I keep the boogie man at bay (the boogie man speeds, too, you know). So do burglars and other bad guys.

And by the way, my dear Ms. Grayson, nothing that was said or brought up at the so-called council meeting led me to admit to anything as you so incorrectly write. I never denied making a mistake. You see, I was man enough to admit to Ms. Lester right then and there at the scene that I made a mistake in identifying her vehicle as the violator vehicle, and that hers and the one I was tracking matched and I took the time to explain how it came about (I also mentioned why I did not let her make a phone call). Not to mention the express apology that I gave her there as well. Please feel free to check the 911 tapes. I state on the air that I took no action, as it was the wrong vehicle I had stopped. Honest mistake with no mal intent.

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First of all, for the ignorant ones out there, let us get one thing straight. I am an American citizen. Born and raised here as was the last three generations of my family. And certainly I don’t appreciate being called a “spic.”

Second of all, I will exercise my first amendment right. And I am making this rebuttal as a citizen, and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the City of Luverne or of the Luverne Police Department.

You break the law, and there are consequences when you’re caught. Period.

I would like to say that my responsibility has been, is now and will always be to the citizens of Luverne. Even to those who can’t stand “the Mexican” and wants him fired. You see, I read my code of ethics, word for word. I will enforce the laws ethically, without malice or ill will or favoritism, etc. This means you.

I will continue to make the safety of Luverne my top priority while I am here. Remember, I’m not here to be your buddy. I’m here to keep you, your family and your property safe. Yeah, and I’ll still put my hind end on the line for those who wouldn’t let me through their front door, let alone break bread with me. Any questions, comments, you know where I work. And for the dozens of encounters I’ve had with residents and non-residents, even our friends who are here illegally, and who appreciate what I and other officers do, I thank you. It’s my pleasure to protect you. But rest assured, I have your backs-everyone’s. Unfortunately, it won’t last forever.

Mario Mendiola

Luverne, Ala.