White team wins scrimmage between McKenzie squads

Published 11:03 am Monday, August 17, 2009

Like other teams around the county, the McKenzie Tigers ended the week with a scrimmage, and head coach Miles Brown said it was a productive one.

The team was split down the middle with Brown taking the white team and Ezell Powell taking the blue team.

“It was pretty evenly matched and a lot of fun,” said Brown, whose team won 2-1. “We really got a lot out of it. I saw some kids playing on the offensive line that were in backup roles that might have gotten themselves in a starting position.”

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Brown also said he was impressed with what he saw out of a number of different players, but one thing in particular stood out to him.

“I was impressed with how well both sides played defense,” he said. “We both did well during the scrimmage.”

The Tigers are also working on finding a temporary replacement for quarterback Calvin Henderson, who had surgery recently for a broken foot.

“The doctors said he’ll be back toward the beginning of the season, but we’re working with two quarterbacks now — Emmanuel Johnson and Sir Wallace Presley,” Brown said. “Each of those two is unique and each has their own package.”

The Tigers will kick off the season on Aug. 28 with a trip to Excel.