June 25 – July 2

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, July 29, 2009

June 25

Juanita S. Gomillion and Marcus Gomillion to Amanda Pearl Gomillion and Marcus Gregory Gomillion, point of beginning is an iron located at the northeast corner of section two, township eight north, range 12 east, St. Stephens Meridian. Deed tax paid on $56,000.

June 26

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Michael Alan Johnson to Myron L. Johnson, beginning at a point on the north line of section 30, township seven, range 14. Deed tax paid on $60,000.

Martha J. Day and Patricia D. Taylor to Michael M. Gafford and Michelle H. Gafford, beginning at a fence post at the intersection of the east right-of-way of Old Stage Road and the south line of the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 30, township 11 north, range 15 east. Deed tax paid on $3,000.

June 30

The Estate of H.E. Jernigan Jr. to Linda B. Jernigan and Patrick R. Jernigan, beginning at a point on the northwest side of Leysath Street at the northeast corner of lot number 21 of block number two according to the map and plat of W.P. DeJarnette. Deed tax paid on $20,000.

Barbara Clem and Bill Clem to James Ted Clem and William H. Clem III, the west half of the northwest quarter of northwest quarter of section 24, township eight, range 14. Deed tax paid on $25,000.

Jacob L. Cureton Jr. to Delana S. Anderson and Edward O. Anderson Jr., a non-exclusive and perpetual right-of-way for an easement for ingress and egress along the heretofore dedicated by plat Forest Court Road. Deed tax paid on $1,000.

Kimberly Kaye Felts to Marty Felts, lots number 11 and 12 of Block 12, according to the survey of W.P. DeJarnette.

July 1

Joseph D. Foster and Louise Foster to Thomas Clinton Coker, the point of beginning is an iron found in the northwest corner of the Greg Burnette lot found in tax Lot No. 22, Block No. 1 of the W.P. DeJarnette survey of the City of Greenville. Deed tax paid on $68,000.

July 2

Christopher L. Owens to Dorothy N. Brown and Thomas H. Brown, commencing at a concrete marker found at the northwest corner of section 32, running thence south for 1,592.87 feet to a point. Deed tax paid on $50,000.