Smelly problem with county’s garbage services

Published 1:09 pm Friday, July 17, 2009

Rural residents of Crenshaw County have a smelly problem on their hands when it comes to regular garbage services with Advanced Disposal, the company that contracted with the Crenshaw County Commission within the last year.

Waste Office Manager John Hollis was asked to describe to the Commission Monday morning at its regular meeting the problems he was having with the company.

“I can’t tell you when garbage (pickup) in Crenshaw County has been current,” Hollis said. “They (Advanced Disposal) are getting two of our garbage trucks and taking them to Coffee County to use, but it’s putting us further behind—if our service was current, it would be fine.”

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According to state law, rural residents must have garbage services, and that is why it was required for all rural residents to get a “big can” from AD.

“We can’t enforce it if we can’t get service,” Commissioner Charlie Sankey Jr. said. “My garbage didn’t get picked up for two weeks, but I still paid for that entire month.”

Hollis, who said he was “very upset” by the whole situation, agreed saying that the law couldn’t be enforced with rural customers getting on contract if Advanced Disposal “wouldn’t do their part.”

“They’ll tell me one thing, and it just won’t happen,” Hollis said. “One time, a truck stayed in my shop with the hood up for ten days, and it was full of garbage.”

“I don’t like the wear and tear on our trucks, but I can’t do anything about that,” Hollis said, “but don’t take our trucks and go to Coffee County to work and leave our garbage here not picked up.”

The Commission unanimously approved a motion to send a letter to Advanced Disposal about the situation and the Commission’s concerns. If the Commission gets no response from the company, they will then get County Attorney John Nichols involved in the situation.