A festive celebration

Published 11:06 am Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday’s Celebrate America event was a big success at Tiger Stadium mainly because the rain stayed away.

Francine Wasden, Executive Director of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, has watched thundershowers dampen the last two such events, but Friday night’s ceremony went off without hitch.

“If it would have rained this year I would have let somebody else do it,” joked Wasden.

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Back by popular demand was the traditional dunking booth. GHS President Dr. Charles Farmer, a dunking booth participant, said he wore a black Tiger polo shirt because he knew he was going to stay dry.

Farmer was joking. It took only a few throws before he was soaking wet.

Children piled into the Air Jumpz inflatable play-lands, competed in pick-up volleyball games and tossed Frisbees. Tiger Stadium’s speakers pumped patriotic music for the most part, but Michael Jackson was a popular choice for the night: the “King of Pop” died on June 25. Food was the traditional summer treats: Grilled hot dogs, nachos dripping with cheese sauce and jalapeños, funnel cakes layered with powdered sugar, and cold cola.

And there were fireworks, of course.

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