USA is ‘greatest country in existence’

Published 3:19 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Editor,

You ought to be ashamed of yourself for expressing that in your view “the moral fabric of our country hasn’t just been ripped; it’s been shredded to threads and stepped on in the streets.”

That is about the most untrue and absurd statement I have ever read coming from a newspaper editor.

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We live in the greatest country in all existence, and because of the high moral standards of most Americans our country will continue to grow even stronger.

You need to apologize to the many do-gooders around and about for stating such a misplaced opinion of their moral values. And in the future you ought to use your little newspaper editorials to reflect the brightness that shines in this great nation and stop casting gloomy untruths about the USA.

You are also wrong about the strength of the mightiest military force that ever existed, and that’s for sure.

Jerry Fuller, Greenville