Expressing faith that community will help family

Published 3:17 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Editor,

This letter is in regards to the Odom family on Pine Street.

It was with heavy heart that I’d heard about this the very day after it happened. I saw them in Wal-Mart and they told me. I was left speechless. I had money enough to purchase a sandwich for myself, but could offer them nothing but my condolences.

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This family is what has been termed to be the salt of the Earth. To me there is a big difference between being Christian and being Christ-like. I always prefer the latter, as I’ve always tried to emulate the man’s life. While I do not go to the same church or believe that which the Odoms do, we are very much alike in that we care about people, unselfishly. A couple examples of this:

A friend of mine had called me one day. Homeless in an instant, she didn’t know what to do. I told her to get to my home ASAP. I pulled together the things she would need to help make her new apartment a home, not just a place to sleep. I then called Sam Odom. I explained what was going on, and we made our way there. She was outfitted with clothes, kitchen supplies, and food. Necessities.

Now considering the amount of houses of worship we have here in Greenville I have every confidence the local populace will take good care of these fine folks. I always give what I can to those that need it and the family certainly does need you in this instance.

After Sam told me that day in Wal-Mart he then shrugged his shoulders and said: “All things happen for a reason.” Having not had so great luck myself I replied that when he finds out that reason that he should give me a ring… to which he replied with one word: “Faith.”

It’s my hope that the people of this town and county will respond and reward such selfless faith. These words come from one who doesn’t share that exact same faith verbatim, but does share the heart behind that faith.

Rob Mello, Greenville