Commission denies lounge liquor license

Published 3:31 pm Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A request for a lounge liquor license was voted down Monday night by the Crenshaw County Commission after no one showed up for the public hearing at 5:45 p.m.

The application for the license was put in for 909 Tucker Road in Grady, a residential area, according to Commissioner Charlie Sankey, Jr. The address is in his district.

“It’s basically a house that’s turned into a night club,” Sankey said during the meeting. “I’ve had several calls from people saying that they are worried about (an increase) in crime if this goes through.”

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Sankey also said he was concerned about how the establishment would card patrons and how they would deal with security.

Commissioner Ed Beasley agreed.

“I have a problem voting for a liquor license in a residential area first of all, and then they don’t even show up for the public hearing,” Beasley said.

Commissioner Sankey made a motion to deny the application. The motion was unanimously approved.

In other business, the Commission voted to approve a personnel policy change so that all county employees must wear their Homeland Security ID badges inside the courthouse at all times. According to County Administrator David Smyth, the policy announcement was not only given to each county department head, but it was also posted inside the courthouse for 10 days.

“If Homeland Security gave us an unannounced visit, and they find any of our employees not wearing their ID badges, the county would be cited and fined,” Smyth said.

The Commission unanimously adopted the new policy.