Pro-Law-Am golf tourney beats the heat

Published 5:43 pm Friday, June 19, 2009

The blazing weather didn’t keep golfers away from the CenturyTel Pro-Law-Am tournament at Cambrian Ridge on Wednesday.

“We had 99 players, which is actually one more than the 98 we had last year,” said Mark Harold, an Alabama Probation and Parole Officer who helped organize the tournament. “It was a great turnout, but we’re always looking for more.”

One of the highlights of the day occurred before the tournament started when members of the Dale County Sheriff’s Office dropped golf balls over the practice course from a helicopter.

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“We sold 152 golf balls for that,” Harold said.

Susan Sorrells was the winner, with her golf ball coming closest to the hole. Her prize was $500.

“Overall, it was a very successful tournament,” Harold said. “We don’t have any numbers yet on what the donation will be to the charity because it’ll be about a month before we have a final figure.”

Harold said there are many people who worked together to make the tournament possible.

“All of the participants enjoyed it — the food was excellent, and we want to thank Cambrian Ridge for all their hospitality,” he said. “We certainly want to thank CenturyTel and all the sponsors that contributed, and I want to commend Kathy Smyth with Safe Harbor for all her hard work and help.”

Here are the results:

Law enforcement

No. 1: 46.7 — Jim Rhodes, Mike Cook, Heath Stuckey, Ruby Deudendorf

No. 2: 49.3 — David Anderson, Dale Anderson, Todd Henderson, Tyler Anderson

No. 3: 51.4 — Don Reaves, Randall Lee, Allan Roach, Ron Stewart

53.0 — Angel Rodriguez, Joe Lee, Scott Brasler, Ed Fountain

54.4 — John Andrews, Wayne Lee, Van Huff, Larry Hall

54.6 — Lonzo Ingram, Mac Russell, Josh McLendon, Sam Roberts

56.5 — John Bailey, Bryan Thompson, Mark Plemons, Frank Dyer

58.0 — Eric Wiley, Jeff Daniel, James Stallworth, Howard Mark

61.8 — Marty Felts, C.W. Gary, Andy Acreman

63.0 — Justin Lovvorn, Byron Russell, Randy Courtney, Joseph Disney

64.4 — Gary Price, Mark Johns, Mike Cairns, Carl Greenwell

74.1 — Kenny Harden, Travis Johnson, Joe Salter, Al Dyess

75.0 — Jason Pope, Andy Beck, Josh Williams, Patrick Bozeman


No. 1: 49.5 — Billy Bimbo, Mike Smith, Ricky Smith, Larry Henry

No. 2: 52.8 — Steve Norman, Joby Norman, Mike Norman, Todd Norman

No. 3: 53.0 — John Coats, Russ Marshall, Butch Gillespie, Dale Olszewski

53.4 — David Brantley, Bill Rabren, David Hancock, Davis Watts

53.5 — Justin Pierce, Calvin Perryman, Jason Gregory, Ray Wasden

53.8 — Ashley Vansant, Bobby Rodgers, Bill Lewis, Dexter McLendon

54.9 — Mints McGowin, Jim McGowin, Kessler McGowin, Cody Wesley

55.2 — George Sellers, Kevin Sport, Eric Burkett, Scott Raybon

55.5 — Walton Hickman, William Martin, David Scott, Ben Blackmon

57.0 — Jeff Adams, Tim Griffin, John Welch, Rex Shiver

58.3 — Ricky Coleman, Gary Clark, Wes Hines, Pete Colberg

59.5 — Ronnie Thrasher, Eddy Stone, Francine Wasden, Jennifer Machen

61.8 — Marty Felts, C.W. Gary, Andy Acreman