Father-Son Tournament continues despite rain

Published 12:26 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Despite a long weekend of rain, the 11th Annual Father-Son Golf Tournament at Cambrian Ridge managed to get in a full day of golf.

The morning group got in 11 holes on Saturday before the deluge forced the cancellation of the rest of the day’s play.

“We decided to make it a one-day event,” said Danny Foster, sales and marketing director for Cambrian Ridge. “That’s only the second time in 11 years of playing that we’ve had to deal with rain.”

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Foster said that this year’s field featured a full 120 people, with players coming from 13 states and Canada: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, California.

“This is our biggest event of the year, and it’s a big event for the whole city too,” Foster said. “It’s good publicity for the Trail, and it’s good revenue for the city with all the people staying in hotel rooms.”

Four local teams had a good showing: David and Sanders Hancock placed second in the championship flight, while both Mike and Sam Norman and Steve and Paul Norman shot a 66.

John Strickland and Rod Simmons also shot a 74.

Here are the full results:

Championship Flight

No. 1 — David and Kevin Gregory (Johnson City, Tenn.), 62

No. 2 — David and Sanders Hancock (Greenville, Ala.), 63

No. 3 — Phillip and Chris Patterson (Nashville, Tenn.), 63

No. 4 — Robert and Jake Nichols (Glencoe, Ala.), 63

Chuck and Charlie McDaniel, 64

Chris and Cole Claassen, 64

Charles and Keith Mooney, 65

Rex and Derek Bynum, 65

Mike and Mike Barber, 65

Mike and Sam Norman, 66

Scotty and Joshua Noland, 66

John and Mark Woods, 66

Steve and Paul Norman, 66

Roldolfo and Roldolfo (Jr.) Gil, 66

First Flight

No. 1 — Lynn and David Moody (Oneonta, Ala.), 67

No. 2 — John and Will Cannon, 67

No. 3 — Andy and Chase Clark (Eufaula, Ala.) 67

No. 4 — Matt and Zach Woollen (Navarre, Fla.) 68

John and Greg Stack, 68

John and David Newton, 68

Leigh and Michael Wilkinson, 68

Jim Hansen and Cole Gray, 68

Ellis and Ellis (Jr.) Sampson, 69

David and George Bronner, 69

Morris and Ben Slingluff, 69

Jeff and Austin Lee, 69

Second Flight

No. 1 — Mike and Kelly Black (Agua Dulce, Texas) 70

No. 2 — Douglas and Brooks Rabren (Dozier, Ala.) 70

No. 3 — Tim and David Sowell (Gulf Shores, Ala.) 70

No. 4 — Pawel Antoniak and Erik Hussey (Ozark, Ala.) 70

Butch and Chad Mitchell, 70

Ken and Daryl Johnson, 70

Al and Albert Quiroga, 70

Joe and Joe (III) Hagood, 70

David Hartselle and Chris Fowler, 71

Richard and Daniel Vann, 72

Claude and Chip Harman, 72

Lyndol and Chad Williamson, 72

David and Clinton Hyde, 72

James and Jimmy Stanley, 72

Art and Jay Hannaman, 72

Third Flight

No. 1 — Jeff and Blake Cole (Pinson, Ala.), 73

No. 2 — Ken and Jake Lilly (Wetumpka, Ala.), 73

No. 3 — Greg and Winston Parker (Tallassee, Ala.), 73

No. 4 — Roger and Roger (Jr.) Myers (Huntsville, Ala.), 73

Smokey and Dusty Holloway, 74

Darryl and Josh Shaw, 74

Bobby and Lyle DuBois, 74

William and Jeff Bell, 74

Norris and Ben Sexton, 74

Clarence and Greg Hodge, 74

Lou and Corey Bristow, 74

Bruce and Josh Hatch, 74

Mike and Josh Cook, 74

John Strickland and Rod Simmons 74

Fourth Flight

No. 1 — Bobby and Luke Shaw (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), 75

No. 2 — Rhett and Cory McSween (Crestview, Fla.), 75

No. 3 — Hobert and Bert Peake (Huntsville, Ala.) 75

No. 4 — Robert and William Greenleaf (Auburn, Ala.) 75

Tom and Keith Weir, 77

Onie and Darren Barrett, 77

Elliott and Damon Abernethy, 77

Ted and Austin Adcock, 77

Larry and Carlton Clayton, 78

James and Tyler Nelson, 78

Mark and Rob Halperin, 79

Claiborne and Will Barnwell, 79

Bob and Brad Hinds, 79

William and Sean Herman, 79

Steve Spivey and Kevin Freeman, 79

Bruce and Jacob Dean, 79

Gene and Michael Allday, 79

Fifth Flight

No. 1 — Mike and Taylor Pink (Greer, South Carolina), 80

No. 2 — Buddy Sumner and Brad Shaw (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 80

No. 3 — Andy and Jeffrey Hendrix (Birmingham, Ala.) 81

No. 4 — Vance and Trey Rose (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) 81

Chester and Scott Jolly, 82

Jeff and Drew Barnes, 83

Ken and Trey Wiggins, 85

Bruce and BJ Morrison, 85

Ray and Michael Brown, 86

Calvin and Calvin (III) Waters, 87

Doug and Jack Weston, 88

Charlie and Jeff Kilgore, 90

Randy and Randy (Jr.) Moore, 91

Bruce and Tristan Crandall, 99