Brewton couple seeks help in finding dog

Published 11:57 am Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Brewton couple is seeking help in finding their family dog which might have been picked up at a gas station by a pair of Greenville residents in early May

Rebecca Adams said the dog, named “Bones,” was taken on Tuesday, May 5 from the Brewton Jet-Pep convenience store by a pair of women motorcyclists, who reportedly told the cashier at the store they were from Greenville.

The cashier, said Adams, described one woman as “heavyset with long, dark brown hair” and riding a red Harley Davidson motorcycle with black trim and a large windshield. Her companion, said Adams, was also heavyset and her blondish hair was cut short, in a boyish style. She was riding a black or blue motorcycle, but the cashier was unsure of its make, Adams said.

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“The cashier working that day stated that the longhaired lady came inside and asked if the cashier knew who the dog belong to,” said Adams. “The cashier told her no, but that she was sure it was from the neighborhood across the street because you could tell that the dog was not a stray.”

Adams said the first woman told her they were going to “take the dog home with them.”

“The cashier again told the lady that the dog belonged to someone,” said Adams. “The cashier asked them to leave contact information in case the owners came looking for the dog. The only information that they would leave was that they lived in Greenville, Alabama. They then strapped a box on the back of the bike and put him in it and left.”

Adams said Bones was in their fenced-in backyard that day, but had gotten lose because a thunderstorm had frightened him.

“Bones is terrified of bad weather,” she said. “When it started thundering he got scared and somehow got out of the fence. He ran across the street to our neighborhood gas station.”

Adams said Brewton police were able to obtain the last four digits of the credit card used by the women, but finding out other information would be difficult because the card was used at the pump.

She said Bones belonged to her mother and was a faithful companion until her mother’s death in 2005. Her mother left Bones to Adams’ son, Nick.

“She knew that Nick would be the only one that Bones would be comfortable with,” said Adams.

Anyone with information leading to the safe return of Bones to his family can call 251-227-0415, or email: