Rain limits GPRD’s schedule

Published 5:16 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

This week’s GPRD action had a damper put on it because of rain, but here are the results from the games played.

Dixie Youth

Red Sox 9, Royals 0

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Daniel Autrey and Deaton Owens both scored twice to lead the Red Sox in a shutout of the Royals. Ryan Burkett, Peyton Frazier, Will Smith, Joseph Peavy and JuQuan Smith also scored.

Matthew Sheffield also came through with two RBIs in the win.

Rangers 8, Braves 2

Nathan Looney, Jermal Loveless, Landon Smothers, Clayton McMeans, Zack Gaston, Samuel Harris and Davey Sexton all scored for the Rangers in a huge fourth inning to claim the win. Sexton also crossed the plate in the third inning.

Jerry Brooks and Cowboy Varner accounted for the Braves’ runs.

Pirates 5, A’s 4

Cody Harrell, Draklin Scoggins, Trent McGough, Donte Lee and Dammous Andrews scored for the Pirates, and Lee had three of those RBIs.

Austin Vickery, Chris Howard, Drake Cabe and Morgan Mason scored for the A’s, and Colby Booker matched Lee with three RBIs of his own.

Adult Softball League

Butler County All-Stars 22, Lowndes County All-Stars 6

Charlie Hawkins, Jeremiah McConico and Terrance Carter all scored three times for Butler County, while Archie Parker, Jody Powell, Josh McConico, Terrance Powell and Steve Hawkins scored twice. Devosky Means, Jason McConico and Dexter Hawkins also scored.

Lowndes County’s runs came from Matthew Sellers, Jerome Davidson, Wayne, Kermitt and Lionel.

Greenville Bulldogs 14, Front Street Pub 7

Charleston Wilson, Sonny Little, Jason Bowen, Brad Horn, Latrell Richardson and Jason Smith led the way for the Bulldogs with two runs each. Tory Smith and Kevin McGough also scored.

Leon Tetter, Brady Newton, Josh Booker, Brandon Croley, Stevie Newton and Bill Conway accounted for the Pub’s runs.

Bulldogs 8, Jelanie’s 7

The Bulldogs got off to a hot start, but Jelanie’s made a late-inning comeback in this close game.

Sonny Little, Jason Bowen and Latrell Richardson scored twice each for the Bulldogs, and Charleston Wilson and Tory Smith also added runs.

Jelanie’s got two runs each from Stuart Mash and Brook, while Patrick Kilcrease, Eric Morgan and Eric Burkett also scored.

Lowndes County All-Stars 11, Front Street Pub 8

Matthew Sellers, James Thigpen, Wayne and Kermitt each scored twice for Lowndes County, while Ant Sellers, Jerome Davison and Lionel also plated runs.

Leon Tetter, Brady Newton, Curtis Pierce, Josh Booker, Brandon Croley and Shawn Stone accounted for the Pub’s runs.

Jelanie’s 15, Century 5

Patrick Kilcrease and Eric Morgan scored three times each for Jelanie’s, with Tyler Griffin, Stuart Mash, and A. Brook adding two runs each. Landon Morgan and Eric Burkett also scored.

Ernest Thompson, Demetrius Bedgood, Cody Johnson and Taurus Griffin scored for Century.