Emergency: Brantley Rescue needs volunteers

Published 4:41 pm Thursday, May 7, 2009

Most people expect an ambulance to arrive whenever they call 911 for help. But what if there were no one to answer that call when you needed it the most?

Sylvia Davis has worked with the rescue squad for about 21 years; for the last three years, she has served as the captain of Brantley Rescue. The all-volunteer group answered approximately 300 ambulance calls last year.

On a recent Friday night, Brantley Rescue answered three different calls, back to back.

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“You have the same small group of people who show up for everything,” Davis said. “I don’t believe the general public realizes what we do—and we’re all volunteers.”

Even though Brantley Rescue is small, it was one of six rescue ambulance companies in the entire state that had zero deficiencies, according to the State Department of Health/EMS and Trauma Division.

“That’s comparing us to 382 other rescue ambulance companies, too,” Davis said. “Even though we’re all volunteers, we still must have the same equipment and the same training as paid ambulance companies.”

However, what Brantley Rescue needs now is some help of its own. Wayne Blackmon has volunteered since 1967.

“There’s no doubt we love what we do, or we wouldn’t do it,” Blackmon said.

Presently, they have eight volunteers with the rescue squad.

“Once you start helping people, it’s like an addiction,” ambulance driver Jimmy Johnson, who joined in 2005, said. “You just want to help whenever you can.”

Both Blackmon and Johnson are also members of the Brantley Volunteer Fire Department.

Davis made it clear that Brantley Rescue was in no danger of closing; they are just looking for more young people to join them in serving their community.

“Brantley Rescue will even pay for the training,” Davis said.

For more information about becoming a member of Brantley Rescue, contact Sylvia Davis at 334-429-3045.