D’backs shut out Sox in GPRD action

Published 4:22 pm Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Diamondbacks 18, White Sox 0

Taite Watson, Baker B. and Braxton Daniels all scored three runs in the Diamondbacks’ big win over the Sox. Zac Smith, Kurklend Kil and Leslie Moseley scored twice each, and Caleb Garrette, Matthew Hood and Hunter Mount also scored.

Phillies 12, Rockies 4

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Xavier Whatley led the Phillies with three runs scored in their win over the Rockies, while Jashon Robinson and Tavarius Burnett also scored twice. Kevin Brown Jr., Cameron Meyers, Tyland Simpson, Jabez Sims and Bishop Riley also scored.

Tydarius Powell, Wilson Ellis, Demarcus Shambrey and Treyton McGough put the runs on the board for the Rockies.

Yankees 12, Cubs 4

Renard Simpson scored three times for the Yankees, while Evan Clarks, Sawyer Hennis, and Jamar Jackson all scored twice. Sam Morris, Josh Strickland and Caleb Arnold also scored.

Logan Boutwell scored twice for the Cubs, and Gavin Felts and Joshua Rogers also came across the plate.

Braves 15, Red Sox 3

Jackson Edwards and John Robert Holliday scored three times each for the Braves, and Carter Boswell, Heath Crawford and William Luke Heartsill also scored twice each.

Eli Foster, Davori Cook and Javaris McCall scored for the Braves as well.

Michael LeCoq, Jackson Faulk and Blake Patterson accounted for the Red Sox’ runs.

Royals 4, Rangers 3

Adarius Bowen had three RBIs for the Royals in addition to scoring a run as he drove in B. Bush and D. Hood.

The Rangers’ runs came courtesy of Jermal Loveless, Landon Smothers and Sam Harris.

Mets 11, Reds 6

Ryan Taylor led the charge for the Mets with three runs scored, and Dustin Moorhead had two runs scored. Chris McCullough, Roscoe Moorhead, Timmy Gorum, Andy Burns, Ben Presley and Matt Lewis also scored.

Harper Vinson and Cody Mauch each scored twice for the Reds, while Matthew Bender and Connally Walters scored too.

Pirates 14, Cardinals 3

Daniel McKeown scored three times to lead the Pirates over the Cardinals. Tyerick McCall, Brandon Simmons, Kaleb Rhineheart and Trevor Langford scored twice each, and Austin Duke, Cole English and Lance Powell also scored.

Tanner Cartwright, Tyler Powell and Dallas Sloane provided the runs for the Cardinals.

Giants 10, Braves 2

Conner Windham scored three times and had three RBIs for the Giants. Mark Patterson and Nathan Scoggins scored twice, and Jeffry Tillery, Kyler Weeks and Cameron Brooks also scored. Douglas Crews managed to come through with two RBIs for the Giants.

Chase Mansmann scored both runs for the Braves, and Luke Taylor had an RBI.

Rays 5, Rangers 4

Cade Tillery scored twice to lead the Rays to a tight victory over the Rangers. Michael Meyers, Jeffery Fuller and Dan Gardner also scored.

Michael Smith, David Miller, Jason Schofield and Dylan Jones scored the four runs for the Rangers.

Red Sox 8, A’s 1

Ryan Burkett scored three times as the Red Sox used two big innings to top the A’s. Peyton Frazier and Will Smith scored twice each and Daniel Autrey also crossed the plate. Deaton Owens and Matthew Sheffield had RBIs for the Sox.

Isaac Howard scored the only run for the A’s on an RBI by Chris Howard.

Braves 6, Pirates 0

Dalton Weeks and Jay Davidson scored twice each for the Braves as they shut out the Pirates. Nick Hartley and Will Petty also scored. Jerry Brooks had an RBI for the Braves in the win.

Firecrackers 13, Pink Panthers 6

Scoring for the Firecrackers was evenly spread out, with Ialiyah Crenshaw, Heather Varner, Bailey Coker, Hannah Claire Till and Maggie Rose Brown all scored twice. Courtney Powell, Kaitlin Neese and Katherine Tillery also got into the scoring action.

Raneigh Smith and Larabeth Blackmon scored twice each for the Panthers, and Julie Layfield and Zykita Bradley also scored.

Diamond Divas 16, Dixie Chicks 12

Anna Blake Langford, Shelby Vickery, Tankeya Smith and Janazia Thompson all scored three times as the Divas outlasted the Chicks. Jameria Thompson, Kelsey Herring, Grace Whiddon and Makeyla Furr also scored.

Elizabeth Ruckel and Megan Phelps led the way for the Chicks with three runs scored each. Emma Thomas and Channing Black scored twice, and Harleigh Taylor and Cheyenne Commander scored once each.

Dixie Chicks 20, Mustangs 4

Taylor King scored three times for the Chicks, while Savannah Mauch, Katlyn Padget, Tucker Whiddon, Alex Merry, Chelsea Mink and Jalisha McCall all scored twice. Sarah Owens, Hannah Reeves, Madison McNaughton, Kira Halford and Deasia Mitchell also scored.

Lekevionna Powell, Whitney Jones and Iesha Powell scored for the Mustangs.

Kaos 11, Wild Limes 4

Ashley Ballard and Aubrey Buck scored twice for Kaos, while Lauren Gibson, Kristen Reeves, Imani Stone, Lindsey Gibson, Tramea Loveless, Alexia Johnson and Keisha Rice also scored.

Jessie Hackart, Casey Brown, Sarah Smith and Kindal Harrel scored for the Limes.