Greenville Parks and Recreation Pitch, Hit and Run results

Published 11:33 pm Friday, May 1, 2009

Age 7/8

All-Around Champion: Taite Watson (Score: 426)

Pitch Champion: Taite Watson, DeAgo Martin (Score: 75 [tie])

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Hit Champion: Taite Watson (Score: 254)

Run Champion: Taite Watson (Score 97)

Age 9/10

All-Around Champion: Luke Taylor (Score: 984)

Pitch Champion: Luke Taylor (Score: 300)

Hit Champion: Luke Taylor (Score: 378)

Run Champion: Luke Taylor (Score: 306)

Age 11/12

All-Around Champion: Barrett Bush (Score: 925)

Pitch Champion: Barrett Bush (Score: 300)

Hit Champion: JaQuan Lewis (Score: 362)

Run Champion: JaQuan Lewis (Score: 331)

Age 13/14

All-Around Champion: Chip Taylor (Score: 1107)

Pitch Champion: Chip Taylor (Score: 300)

Hit Champion: Chip Taylor (Score: 416)

Run Champion: Chip Taylor (Score: 391)