“Little Red Schoolhouse” at W.O. Parmer

Published 4:32 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The days of small town “Little Red Schoolhouses” may be long gone, but the tradition lives on in the new kindergarten building at W.O. Parmer Elementary.

The facsimile of a red brick schoolhouse has been built into the building’s foyer, creating an archway that children will walk under on their way to the school’s cafeteria and to and from class. A bell house sits atop the structure, though school officials have yet to locate a bell for it.

“We’re still looking for one,” said Superintendent Mike Looney on Monday.

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Light blue paint and hanging clouds completes the illusion, but the $6 million addition to W.O. Parmer Elementary offers much more in terms of space for teachers and kindergartners. Classrooms are expansive, brightly lit and include 46-inch flat screen televisions.

“Teachers will be able to plug a cable into their laptops and utilize the flat-screens as an overhead projector,” said Looney.

Administrative offices will be moved from the current W.O. Parmer Elementary building to the new facility once construction is complete, he said. The administrative portion of the building includes offices for the principal and assistant principal, school nurse, and a conference room.

Looney said he expected construction to be finished by the end of May.