GPRD kicks off season

Published 5:13 pm Friday, April 10, 2009

Dixie Youth

Red Sox 14, Braves 1

Ryan Burkett scored four runs to lead the Red Sox over the Braves, with two runs coming from Peyton Frazier and Deaton Owens. Daniel Hall Autrey, Will Smith, Joseph Peavy, Matthew Sheffield, Matthew Hunter and Jaquan Smith also scored.

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Cody Parker scored the Braves’ run.

Rangers 5, Pirates 2

Avery Shipp and EJ Barrington scored for the Rangers in the first inning to give the Rangers an early lead, and Barrington would score again before the game was over, along with Nathan Looney and Ross Till.

Joshua Sawyer and Justice Taylor scored in the second and third innings, respectively, for the Pirates.

A’s 2, Royals 1

Barrett Bush scored for the Royals in the top of the third inning, but Dustin Bradford answered back in the bottom of the third. Drake Cabe scored the game-winning run for the A’s in the fourth inning.

A’s 6, Rangers 4

Austin Vickery, Chris Howard, Drake Cabe and Colby Booker scored in the first inning for the A’s, but the Rangers came back with runs from Nathan Looney, EJ Brassington, Landon Smothers and Clayton McMeans in the fourth inning.

However, Austin Vickery and Chris Andrews scored for the A’s in the fourth inning to win the game.

Braves 11, Royals 4

Dalton Weeks scored three times to lead the Braves over the Royals. Jaquan Lewis, Nick Hartley, Price Jones and Jerry Brooks all scored twice.

Barrett Bush, Austin Till and Chance House accounted for the Royals’ runs.

Red Sox 10, Pirates 0

Ryan Burkett crossed the plate three times in the Sox’ win over the Pirates, while Daniel Autrey, Peyton Frazier and Jaquan Smith all scored twice. Will Smith also scored for the Sox.

Dixie Minor

Yankees 8, Cardinals 1

Trey Coker, DeArius Mitchell, Reid Crosby, Jimbo Wheeler, Joseph Price, Zachary Burt, Warren Matthews and Sam Bowen all scored for the Yankees in their 8-1 win over the Cardinals.

Clay Thompson scored the Cardinals’ run in the fourth inning.

Giants 10, White Sox 4

Nathan Scoggins, Martavious Patterso and Taylor Thomas scored twice for the Giants, while Jeffery Tillery, Justice Joyner and Kyle Weeks also scored runs.

Skylar Moorer, Ryan Davis, Zeke Powell and Brandon White scored for the White Sox.

Braves 14, Pirates 4

Dylan Giddens, Luke Taylor, Leo Parker, Jarrod Johnson and Jeremy Bedgood all scored twice for the Braves, while Chase Mansmann, Clay Newton and Mack Acree also put runs on the board.

Daniel McKeown, Anthony Sellers, Kaleb Rineheart and Lance Powell scored for the Pirates.

Braves 8, Yankees 2

Dylan Giddens, Chase Mansmann and Luke Taylor each scored three times for the Braves, who also got runs from Clay Newton and Austin Nichols.

The Yankees’ runs came from De’Arius Mitchell and Reid Crosby.

White Sox 10, Cardinals 1

Brandon White scored three times for the White Sox, while William Brown and Zeke Powell scored twice and Skylar Moorer, Ryan Davis and Tripp Richardson also put runs on the board.

Jackson Vickery had the only run for the Cardinals.

Giants 5, Pirates 4

Trevor Langford, Austin Duke and Dustin Bundy scored in the fourth inning to put the Pirates ahead, and Tyrick McCall added another run in the fifth, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the Giants.

Justin Joyner scored twice, and Jeffery Tillery, Kyler Weeks and Taylor Thomas put runs on the board in the sixth inning for the win.

Dixie Ponytails

Fillies 10, Wild Limes 5

The Fillies used a big first inning to claim the win over the Wild Limes, getting runs from Carmen Till, Ashlyn McKeown, Bethany Nolan, China Powell and Cheyanne Kilpatrick.

Before the game was over, Anjoy Castleberry, Caitlin Brooks and Suner Buccianelli scored for the Fillies.

Kindal Harrell, Jessie Hackait, Chasity Elliot and Morgan Perdue scored for the Limes.

Dixie Angels

Mustangs 6, Angels 4

Meagan Davis, Hannah Schofield, Mya Coleman and Elan Davis scored for the Angels, while Jessie McNaughton, Hannah Owens, Jessica Joyner, Jamia Riley and Yasmine Watkins scored for the Mustangs.

Dixie Chicks 11, Angels 0

Chelsey Mink, Taylor King, Alex Merr, Sarah Owens, Kaitlyn Padgett, Hannah Reeves, Artasia Cannon, Madison McNaughton, Tucker Whiddon, Kara Halford and Jalisa McCall scored for the Dixie Chicks in the shutout over the Angels.

Dixie Darlings

Diamond Divas 11, Pink Panthers 6

The Diamond Divas used three RBIs from Janazia Thompson and an RBI from Shelby Vickery to defeat the Pink Panthers. Anna B. Langford, Tankeya Smith, Jameria Thompson, Katie Reaves and Kelsey Herring also scored.

Isabella Foster, Julie Layfield, Raneigh Smith, Lara Beth Blackmon and Tramesha Loveless scored for the Panthers.

Firecrackers 21, Dixie Chicks 9

Maggie Brown had three RBIs for the Firecrackers, followed by two RBIs from Hannah Till and RBIs from Bailey Coker, Courtney Powell and Heather Varner.

Brooklyn Acree, Ialiyah Crenshaw, Caitlin West, Kaitlin Neese and Katherine Tillery also scored.

Harleigh Taylor, Channing Black, Megan Phelps, Elizabeth Buckel and Cheyanne Commanntey scored for the Dixie Chicks.

Firecrackers 19, Diamond Divas 3

Caitlin West, Bailey Coker and Hannah Till scored three times for the Firecrackers, followed by two runs from Brook Acree, Heather Varner and Ialiyah Crenshaw, while Maggie Brown, Kaitlin Neese and Katherine Tillery also scored.

Jameria Thompson, Mallory Laird and Makayla Furr scored for Divas.

Pink Panthers 16, Dixie Chicks 0

Isabella Foster, Kayleigh Mays, Julie Layfield, Raneigh Smith, Lara Beth Blackmon, Allie Johnson, Tra-mesha Loveless, Kayla Motley, Amie Taylor and Zykita Bradley all scored in the Panthers’ shutout of the Dixie Chicks.