Letters to the Editor

Published 6:36 pm Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Editor:

Beta Mu, a chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, an international professional women educators organization, was established in Crenshaw County in 1960. This year Beta Mu is celebrating forty-nine years of active membership.

Annual yearbooks have been compiled over the years by the chapter historians. Beta Mu is looking for these lost yearbooks that may have been stored away all of these years.

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It would be greatly appreciated if any Crenshaw Countian who may have knowledge of past Beta Mu yearbooks please contact Margaret Fox.

Thank you.

Margaret Fox

Delta Kappa Gamma

Beta Mu



Dear Editor:

I am mad. The government said we have to have a converter box to get analog TV so we can watch TV. It reminds me why I don’t want Dish Network. Every time it rains it messes up, or an airplane goes over, it messes up. But with this you can’t get it back in. Channels 12 & 8 & 20 go out and it takes days to get it back on. So we miss TV shows we want to watch.

Sunday night a movie was coming on Channel 8. The snow came all day. Sunday I could not get 12 or 8 or 20. I want to see that movie.

We have to have this box or we can’t watch TV. We have to get Dish Network or we can’t watch TV because the satellite doesn’t pick up. The government said we have to have the box. Well tell the government to fix it so we don’t have to spend money we don’t have on Dish Network.

Mary Killingsworth

Brantley, Alabama