Still no quorum for Dozier

Published 4:48 pm Thursday, March 12, 2009

For five consecutive meetings, the Dozier Town Council has once again not been able to hold a meeting due to the lack of a quorum.

Neither Councilmember Linda Hutto nor Bob Morrison attended Monday night’s meeting.

Dozier Mayor Karen Davis apologized to the room filled with people at the Jan Cook Community Center Monday.

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“I’m so sorry to all of you who keep coming faithfully to the meetings, and then we can’t have a meeting,” Davis said. “There could be a very viable reason why our two other council members are not here, but after five tries, I just don’t know.”

Davis explained that Levi Nichols, who has been representing the town, has mailed a packet of information to Gov. Bob Riley, which includes petitions signed by citizens of Dozier and resumes of two candidates for the open Council seats. Johnnyphar Davis has been petitioned for District One, while Bobby Sims has been petitioned for District Two.

Carolyn Sims, the wife of Bobby Sims, stated during the informal town hall discussion that her husband would pull out of the race, if it came to saving money for the town of Dozier in the case of a special election.

However, Davis said that it would still cost the town to have a special election no matter how many candidates’ names were on the ballot, if things went that far in the first place.

In other discussions, Davis added that it would be a good thing for the community to get the P.A.L.S. program started again. Also, Easter Sunrise Services will be held on the hill, and the entire town is invited to attend.