BCMP lawsuit leads to change in ownership

Published 3:45 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just over a month ago, The Greenville Advocate reported that the Butler County Motorsports Park was back in the hands of Bo Thagard, but after a lawsuit, ownership of the track has been returned to Chris Coggin and Robert Orlich.

According to a statement from attorney Brandon Sellers, the lawsuit was filed against Thagard for retaking possession of the racetrack and breaching the contract for the sale of the track.

On March 3, the Circuit Court of Butler County held a hearing for Coggin and Orlich’s request for an injunction against Thagard.

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The two parties settled in court, with Thagard returning the racetrack and Coggin and Orlich dismissing the lawsuit.

The contract between the parties provided that in April 2010, Avenger Motor Speedway would pay the defendents $25,000.

As part of the settlement, that amount will now be paid to Thagard and Butler County Motorsports Park instead of waiting until 2010, Sellers’ statement said.

Despite the bump in the road, Coggin and Orlich said the plans for the site remain intact.

“As part of the three-to-five year plan, we’re still planning to build a drag strip and RV facilities,” Coggin said. “We’re planning on doing very large races, and we want to have a setup for the whole family.”

Sellers’ statement said that Avenger Motor Speedway will invest $2 million in renovations to the track, stands and lights in addition to the other facilities.

Throughout the improvements to the track, plans are to employ local companies, and the Speedway will employ 50 full and part-time employees.

“The idea is to turn it into a family destination park that will appeal to people,” Orlich said.

“It should bring a lot of income to Greenville and the surrounding areas,” Coggin said.

Racing was scheduled to begin on March 28, but with all the tumult, that date has been moved back indefinitely.

“There’s no real way to answer the question of when we’ll begin racing,” Coggin said. “That will depend on the condition of the track.”

Coggin said he hopes to have an opening date announced within the next several weeks.

Thagard was reached by telephone but had no comment on the situation.