Land Transactions, Feb. 27 –

Published 4:42 pm Friday, March 6, 2009

Feb. 27

Janette W. Smith to Wanda S. Pitts, lot two of Block “I” of the resubdivision of lots 1-6 Block I and lots 7-10 Block F of Lee Long Heights, Greenville for $10.

March 2

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Juanita B. Beckler and Leonard Beckler to Cynthia A. Beckler, Gary L. Beckler and Ken D. Beckler, a parcel of land on the north side of the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter, section 25, township eight north, range 13 east for $10.

Coloca Enterprise LLC to Michael J. Stutts, the west half of the northwest quarter of section 16, township 10 north, range 15 east for $241,000.

Linda M. Majors and Henry Moseley to Jeanette P. Jones and Jerry L. Jones Jr., lot number four of the Four Mile Creek subdivision of Butler County for $10.

March 3

April Lynn Tanner to Jimmy Lee Tanner, lots sixteen and seventeen of block number two, according to the official survey of the City of Greenville by W.P. DeJarnette for $1.

Judy Tindal Holder, David Tindal and Peggy Tindal to Willie Campbell Jr., from the southeast corner of lot 14 of block 49 according to the W.P. DeJarnette survey of the City of Greenville for $10.

Amy Caudle and Wade A. Caudle to Alan A. Caudle and Ellen M. Caudle, commencing at a concrete marker found at the northwest corner of section 17, township nine north, range 14 east for $10.

March 4

Alfonso Tillman and Dorothy R. Tillman to Narry Tillman and Nina F. Tillman, beginning at a concrete right of way marker at the intersection of the east line of a paved county road and the south line of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section 26, township eight north, range 12 east for $1.

Willie Herbert Bradley Jr. to Rosetta Powell, for lot number 10 of block B of Butler Estates for $10.

Rosetta Powell to Betty P. Warren, lot number 10 of Block B of Butler Estates for $10.

Reuben W. Burkett Sr. to Glen A. Phillips, beginning at an existing concrete marker (Union Camp) at the southeast corner of the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section eight, township eight north, range 16 east for $10.

Patricia Beverly Andrews and William H. Beverly Jr. to Jeffrey N. Ray and Sharon B. Ray, starting at a point on the south right of way line of Butler County Road No. 16, where said road intersects the west right of way of Tillman Lane for $10.