Cattlemen’s Association hosts annual business dinner

Published 5:37 pm Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beef was what was for dinner at the annual Cattlemen’s Association business meeting on Feb. 12 as the committees and chairmen came together.

The evening kicked off with bids being placed in for the silent auction, with things such as a grill, gift baskets, a small portable TV, commemorative plates, jewelry and many other items.

The silent auction was to help kids involved in 4-H be able to do a show for cattle showing.

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The cattlemen and their guests went up one-by-one to retrieve a massive side of steak, baked potato, salad and various desserts.

Donald Hilburn introduced Perry Mobley as the guest speaker for the evening.

Mobley pointed out the ‘cattle market’ and how uncertain the future of it is.

“If I told you that I knew (what was going to happen), I’d be lying,” said Mobley.

Mobley went on to talk about the economy’s being hurt with ‘cattle marketing’ and agriculture, saying it has not been this bad since 1951.

“There is shrinking in this industry,” said Mobley.

However, as Mobley pointed out, even with the economy, the demand is always going to be high and in favor for cattle and other agricultural needs.

He also said that there are other factors that have been trying to undermine the agricultural business.

Certain animal right groups, such as the Humane Society and PETA, have been trying to wipe out use of cattle and other farming trades.

“I’ve been studying these guys for the last four years…and understanding their tactics,” said Mobley.

“Animal rights is an emotional issue…they (HSUS) are trying to reach the people with that,” he added.

California recently passed Proposition 2, which was the banning of chicken and cockfights and basically removing rights to even own a flock of chickens.

According to Mobley, HSUS wants to make it where people cannot own a chicken, much less fight them.

“Basically, if they see that you have a flock in your yard, they can report it, confiscate it and then euthanize them,” said Mobley.

Even though most people have the heartstrings over companions vs. food, people also need to be able to eat.

“In the next 20 years, we’re going to need to double our feeding demands,” said Mobley.

Not only is animal agriculture the hot ticket for PETA and HSUS, but hunting and usage of zoos are as well.

“They believe in what they do just as much as you believe in what you do,” Mobley told the members.