More than a little irritated

Published 5:44 pm Friday, February 6, 2009

While standing in Wal-Mart the other day – and it hasn’t been the first time – there was a man in front of me with a grocery buggy full of food. Something that happens a thousand times a day in Wal-Mart.

But since when did the Under 10 items and less aisle become open to everybody and anybody? Me, I had a bag of apples and bottle of water. I was on my lunch break and in a hurry. Yet, I had to wait because someone was unwilling to follow the rules.


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Then you have idiots at Subway who try to micro-manage every ingredient that goes on top of their sandwich. “Hold on, not that much! Little bit of that, little bit of this…”

As if a smidgen of less mayonnaise is going to matter in the grand scheme of your inability to control your weight. Yes, you’re paying money for your food, but if you’re going to be that obsessive compulsive over something as small as your meatball marinara sub then you should have stayed home and made it yourself.

And why can’t people push their empty buggies into the corrals after walking their groceries to the car?

That’s just beyond me. Just a short walk of a few feet would save endless scratches and dents to other people’s automobiles.

But why should we expect anyone to walk for anything. Especially in one of the fattest states in these United States.

And I’m all for the little scooters in Wal-Mart for our handicapped and elderly. But most people I see using these things aren’t handicapped. They’re fat.

It just seems to me we’ve lost something along the way. I think parents stopped teaching manners and consideration years ago and as such we have become a nation of the inconsiderate.

To echo George Costanza’s statement on rudeness from Seinfeld: “You know we’re living in a society here!”