Snellgroves win ‘Best Overall’ for decorations

Published 7:15 pm Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Luverne Garden Club has chosen its 2008 winners for the club’s Home Christmas Decoration Contest with Mr. and Mrs. Al Snellgrove winning the “Best Overall” category.

The Snellgroves’ lovely brick home, located on First Street, was brightly decorated with multiple white-light Christmas trees that could be seen from the street. Ornate Christmas swags draped the front entrance and two side windows with large green, red, and gold ornaments. A lovely Christmas wreath decorated the front door, in addition to the lively and animated Nutcrackers standing guard.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Russell won the “Best Religious” category, while Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reigel won the “Best Novelty” category for 2008.

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For “Best Traditional,” Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rex Sport placed first, and Mr. and Mrs. Lathan Hooks placed second.

For “Best Modern,” Mr. and Mrs. John Wise, Jr., placed first, and Mr. and Mrs. Terry Butts placed second.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Crowell won the “Best Door” category, and First Street in Luverne was named as the “Best Neighborhood” in the competition.

The Luverne Garden Club would like to congratulate all of the winners for 2008.