GPRD basketball has busy December

Published 7:01 pm Friday, January 2, 2009


Dec. 13

Hornets 10, Pistons 5

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Artasia Cannon was the leading scorer for the Hornets with eight points, while Trydarious Patton had all five points for the Pistons.

Thunder 12, Wizards 7

Malik Bunch led the Thunder with five points, and JaMichael Boone also scored five points for the Wizards.

Dec. 18

Pistons 2, Thunder 0

The Pistons defeated the Thunder 2-0. Alex Hall scored for the Pistons in the first quarter.

Hornets 32, Wizards 3

Kevin Norris led the Hornets over the Wizards with 17 points, while Tyrone Ingram added eight.

Antonio Holcomb had three points for the Wizards.

Dec. 20

Hornets 15, Thunder 12

Kevin Norris was the leading scorer for the Hornets with 11 points.

Malik Bunch had five points for the Thunder, and Javion Posey also added three.

Wizards 10, Pistons 9

JaMichael Boone had all 10 points to lead the Wizards over the Pistons.

Tydarious Patton had six points for the Pistons.

Jr. & Sr. Girls League

Dec. 13

Magic 9, Hurricanes 6

Shykeriyonna Rudolph led the Magic with six points, and Bradjaie Patterson added three.

Samorika Patterson was the leading scorer for the Hurricanes with four points.

Magic 16, Hurricanes 4

Jasmine Stuart topped the scoring for the Magic with 10 points, while Cierra Patterson scored all four points for the Hurricanes.

Dec. 16

Magic 15, Hurricanes 13

Jasmine Stuart was the leading scorer for the Magic with eight points, and six of those came from the free throw line.

Cierra Patterson had nine points for the Hurricanes.

Magic 10, Hurricanes 9

Bradjaie Patterson had six points to be the top scorer for the Magic, while Destinee Smith had five for the Hurricanes.

Dec. 19

Magic 14, Hurricanes 10

Shykeriyonna Rudolph and Bradjaie Patterson each scored six points to lead the Magic to victory over the ‘Canes.

Destinee Smith was the top scorer for the Hurricanes with five points.

Hurricanes 26, Magic 19

Several Hurricane players came up big for the team in the win over the Magic.

Jasmine Morris and Cierra Patterson each scored eight points.

Tyleshia Cook was the leading scorer for the Magic with 11 points.

Midget Boys

Dec. 13

Thunder 24, Pistons 23

Jakeem Davidson scored 10 points to lead the Thunder to a close victory over the Pistons.

Kionte McGrew and Dante Lee each scored eight points for the Pistons.

Heat 24, Celtics 3

Javon Banks scored six points for the Heat, and both Melvin Hill and Damion Lymon added four points.

JaQuin Lewis led the Celtics with two points.

Dec. 16

Thunder 34, Celtics 13

DaBryon Crenshaw hit double digits for the Thunder with 10 points in a big win over the Celtics.

Jamarcus Davidson and Chardarius Davidson also added six points each.

Joseph Longmire, Jr. had four points to lead the Celtics.

Pistons 22, Heat 10

Dante Lee scored 10 points to claim the top scoring spot for the Pistons.

Damion Lymon was the leading scorer for the Heat with six points.

Dec. 20

Pistons 23, Celtics 9

The Pistons got off to a slow start against the Celtics, but Dante Lee found his groove in the third quarter.

The Pistons scored 16 points in the third, and 11 of them came from Lee.

Rashad Crenshaw was the leading scorer for the Celtics with three points.

Thunder 31, Heat 12

Several players had big nights for the Thunder, including Jakeem Davidson, who scored seven points, and Arlyric Posey, who added six points.

Tyrone Crenshaw wasn’t far behind with five points.

Damion Lymon scored six points and Wayna Loveless also added four for the Heat.

Jr. Boys

Dec. 13

Nuggets 32, Magic 16

Nubien Cook had eight points for the Nuggets, and Justin Lee also added six points.

Elliot Lewis led the Magic with six points.

Dec. 17

Nuggets 46, Magic 9

Nicholas Simmons had 10 points to lead the Nuggets, but Nubien Cook and Convontae Roberts were close behind with eight each.

Demarcus Wilson was the leading scorer for the Magic with nine points.

Dec. 19

Nuggets 43, Magic 19

Scoring for the Nuggets were evenly spread out. Brandon Smith was the leading scorer with seven points, but Demontrez Dean and Deshawn Washington had six points each.

Derrick Powell broke into double digits for the Magic with 10 points and Demarcus Wilson added seven.

Sr. Boys

Dec. 13

Bulls 57, Celtics 43

Montrez Cannon scored 27 points to lead the Bulls over the Celtics.

Pat Tolliver scored 16 points for the Celtics, with Dedrick Scott scoring 13 points.

Dec. 17

Spurs 42, Bulls 40

Bobby Goldsmith came through with 18 points for the Spurs in a close win over the Bulls.

Teammates Derrick Adams and Kendal Roper each also added eight points.

Edward Seawright and Montrez Cannon were the top scorers for the Bulls with 16 points and 11 points, respectively.

Clippers 45, Celtics 21

Michael Peagler led the Clippers with 15 points and Demario McCall also added 11 points in the win.

Dedrick Scott led the Celtics with eight points, but Patrick Tolliver was close behind with seven points.

Dec. 19

Clippers 53, Bulls 51

Demario McCall hit three three-pointers and scored 15 points for the Clippers in a close game over the Bulls. Michael Peagler also added 13.

Edward Seawright matched McCall for the Bulls by scoring 15 points, and Montrez Cannon had 12 points.

Celtics 26, Spurs 24

Patrick Tolliver and Dedrick Scott both scored 10 points for the Celtics, while Bobby Goldsmith was the top scorer for the Spurs with 14 points.

Men’s League

Dec. 1

B.J. Auto 55, Ronnie Paulk and Associates 53

J.R. Farrish scored 16 points, including four three-pointers, to lead B.J. Auto.

All of Tommy Gilbert’s 21 points for Ronnie Paulk came from behind the arc.

FYE 80, Ft. Deposit Eagles 71

Girard Warren scored 21 points and Desmond Walker was close behind with 20 for FYE.

Robert Taylor scored 25 for the Eagles and Kim McMeans added 24.

Dec. 8

FYE 66, Ft. Deposit Eagles 58

Kevin Norris scored 19 points to lead FYE over the Eagles.

The leading scorer for the Eagles was Antwon Gipson with 22.

Forest Home and Company 82, Greenville All-Stars 43

Michael Ball scored 21 for Forest Home, while Greenville’s top scorer was Walter Hicks with 13.

B.J. Auto 126, Tyrone’s Barber Shop 56

Lloyd Coleman was the leading scorer for B.J. Auto as they topped triple-digits. Steve Brown also scored 23 points.

LaDarrence Perdue had 16 points for Tyrone’s Barber Shop.

D.S.O. 78, Ronnie Paulk and Associates 77

Kim McMeans was the top scorer for D.S.O. with 27 points, while Robert Smith added 20 in the close win over the Associates.

Caleb Gardner was the top scorer for the Associates with 26 points.

Dec. 22

Greenville All-Stars 63, Tyrone’s Barber Shop 58

Preston Walker had 23 points for the All-Stars in the win over Tyrone’s Barber Shop.

Tarrell Coleman scored 20 for the Barber Shop.

B.J. Auto 94, Ronnie Paulk and Associates 64

Stanley Lamar had 24 points for B.J. Auto, while Tommy Gilbert scored 15 points, all behind the arc, for the Associates.

FYE 88, D.S.O. 71

Kevin Norris put 26 points on the board for FYE, and D.S.O.’s top scorer was Kim McMeans with 17 points.

Forest Home and Company 67, Fort Deposit Eagles 59

Tarrus Griffin led Forest Home with 15 points, and Auton Gipson was the leading scorer for the Eagles with 17 points.

Dec. 29

Ronnie Paulk and Associates 66, Tyrone’s Barber Shop 46

Brent Paulk scored 17 points to lead the Associates to victory. Devoski McMeans also added 14 points.

LaDarrence Perdue was the leading scorer for Tyrone’s Barber Shop with 16 points.

B.J. Auto 95, Ft. Deposit Eagles 66

Steve Brown put up 21 points for B.J. Auto, and both Earl Howard and Tavores Burton scored 18 points.

J.D. Simmons had 16 points to lead the Eagles.

FYE 65, Forest Home and Co. 63

Kevin Norris scored 25 points for FYE in the close win over Forest Home.

Michael Ball had 16 for Forest Home.

D.S.O. 74, Greenville All-Stars 67

Robert Taylor had 23 points for D.S.O. and Jimmy Lawson also added 18.

Preston Walker was the top scorer for the Greenville All-Stars with 36 points.