WLBF: Faith Radio over the airwaves

Published 7:18 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Many people may not know it, but Christian radio broadcasting can be found on your dial at 89.1 FM, or at WLBF, which is based out of Montgomery.

Russell Dean, general manager of Faith Radio WLBF, or We Live By Faith, was the guest speaker at this week’s Luverne Rotary Club. Dean said the Christian radio station actually began in 1984 in a trailer behind Frazer Methodist Church.

“We had a cord that ran from the church to the trailer so we’d have power,” he said.

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Dean, a former pastor, now joins a staff of nine to operate the station.

“We have a board of directors and a budget of over $800,000,” he explained. “We rely on the Lord to fund what we have to do.”

WLBF is strictly a listener-supported radio station. Since it is under the non-commercial band, or below 91.9 on the radio dial, it does not rely on paid commercials for financial support.

“Some of the teachings or the music has changed over the years, but the message of Jesus Christ has never changed,” Dean said.

This week, South Luverne Baptist Church has been chosen as the “Church of the Week.” Pastor Mike Green got the opportunity to record a spiritual message referred to as the “Pastor’s Moment,” and this will be played on the air several times all during the Christmas season.

“At 8:30 every morning this week, our staff will be praying for South Luverne Baptist Church along with our regular prayer list.”

Rotary Club member Ann Tate was the program chair for Monday’s meeting.