Panthers prepare for offseason

Published 6:01 pm Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dedication and selling out to the program are two offseason goals for the Georgiana Panthers.

Head coach Shane Smothers said those goals are key after the Panthers missed the playoffs this season.

“We got off to a slow start in weeks one and two, then we played Shelby County, who ended up as the third-ranked team in 5A,” he said. “Then we woke up and finished 4-3, but we had the opportunity to finish better than that.”

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Of Georgiana’s six losses, all six teams made the playoffs and four of them are still playing.

“You can always get something positive out of losses,” Smothers said. “That 4-3 finish isn’t satisfactory, but it was a turnaround.”

“We had some adversity come our way with injuries, but overall, we’ve got to find a way to be a tougher, more physical team,” he said.

Dedication to the program and improvement will come in the offseason for the Panthers in the form of the weight room and playing other sports.

“To change the results, you’ve got to change the attitude,” Smothers said. “You’ve got to sell out and be dedicated. Now we’ve got to get in the weight room. We’re also going to look for some guys in school that should have been playing and get them out there.”

Smothers said the Panthers’ young players did a fine job of stepping up, and the eight seniors did a good job of leading the team.

“We’re definitely going to miss our seniors,” he said. “They’re all great guys and they will represent Georgiana at its finest.”

“We also couldn’t have done as well as we did this year without support from parents, sponsors, fans or the administration,” Smothers added.