This year was a “trashy Halloween”

Published 9:14 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Editor,

I never cease to wonder about some of our citizen’s inability to respect the property of other people.

Normally we would not mind people occasionally parking in our parking lot (Stabler Clinic) after business hours. It has been an open space that is very inviting for events that occur in this section of town.

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I happened to ride by during “trick or treat” hours and couldn’t help but grin when I saw the huge number of cars parked at the clinic. It appeared to provide a safe and orderly discharge place for children and their chaperone in order to go “trick or treating” in the surrounding neighborhood.

The morning after was a different story as the trick was on us after we thought we had allowed a treat.

After picking up an arm load of beer bottles, paper, candy wrappers, plastic sacks, Kleenex and other trash, not to mention the numerous cigarette butts that time would not allow me to pick up, I came to realize something.

I realize that at least a good number of parents or chaperones did not care, but parked on private property and with very little conscience proceeded to trash the place.

What a sad commentary on those of authority and the children they were responsible for, and what is even sadder will be, will they have the opportunity to do it again next year…probably not!

I am certain that the owners of the property were not pleased with what happened and are certain to seriously consider not allowing future use for future occasions/events.

Normally it is a small number that abuse privileges but it is almost certain that it is the majority that ends up getting punished. While I am sure many were appreciative, the end result may not be worth the future risk.

And, who knows, if given the benefit of the doubt this time, one would hope those responsible might learn to become more responsible citizens in the future.

Dr. Aubrey Stabler Jr.