Applauding a deserving teacher

Published 9:15 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Editor,

This letter is a public commendation for my daughter’s teacher.

Her name is Mrs. Donna Ash. Since I first enrolled my oldest in public school I’ve gotten advice on the best teachers to choose from. Thus far we’ve been very fortunate.

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I can sincerely thank Mrs. Rosa Smith (twice), Ms. Stephanie Myrick, and Mrs. Margaret Phillips. They all did their part in trying to expand my child’s mind and knowledge.

W.O. Parmer lays the foundation, but Greenville Elementary builds the walls and Mrs. Ash is a testament to what a great teacher is.

Previously, I’ve written articles complimenting teachers. I spoke at the town hall meeting we had in favor of the sales tax that has given us the necessary funding to update our facilities.

Yet, the most important pieces of the education puzzle aren’t even in the new buildings yet.

The keys to providing a successfully educated child are a great working relationship between teacher and parent – a coordinated mutual effort.

Yet, I look at dropout rates. I look at scientific advances, literacy rates, both locally and nationally, and I get depressed.

There is no magic pill that will get my daughters into Harvard. It takes serious work every day. Each child should strive not to simply “pass,” but to excel. I’m tired of this trying to be average, when our kids are anything but. The teacher works everyday to give a child that one moment of intellectual clarity so that when that child becomes an adult they can look back and say, “Yes, she was the one.”

We all have that memorable teacher that spoke to us, not at us.

While this is Mrs. Ash’s first year in this school system, I have to commend Mr. Mike Looney or whoever found her and got her here.

My suggestion is to find more that are like her, and our kids could be educated in tents and still get into Harvard.

Keep up the good work Mrs. Ash and it’s my sincerest hope that you stay in the school system because it takes great people, not buildings, to create success.

Rob Mello