Panthers face winless Shields

Published 5:51 pm Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Focus and fun are two of the main points of emphasis for the Georgiana Panthers this week.

It’s homecoming in Georgiana, and the Panthers will be facing off against J.F. Shields.

“The biggest thing is for us to stay focused,” said head coach Shane Smothers. “I look at homecoming as a chance to give alumni the opportunity to come back and see us play. We have some that will come see us that haven’t seen us this year and won’t see us again until next year.”

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“I see it as mostly for alumni,” he continued.

However, the week is also a chance for the team to take part in some of the festivities.

“We’ll enjoy the week, especially the seniors,” Smothers said. “But we’ve got to measure it out. Enjoy it, but get in the right mindset to win the game. We’re going to do our best as coaches to make sure they do that.”

The Panthers will be facing winless J.F. Shields.

“Shields has struggled this year, but the kids learned last week that you can’t look at numbers when you’re playing a team,” Smothers said. “Hopefully we can build some momentum heading into the offseason.”

Presentation of the homecoming court will begin at 6 p.m. with kickoff set for 7 p.m.