Campaign supper held for candidate Bobby Bright

Published 5:07 pm Thursday, October 9, 2008

Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright and his wife District Judge Lynn Bright were the special guests of the Crenshaw County Democratic Executive Committee last Thursday evening as approximately 75 guests gathered at the home of the county’s party chairman, John and Liz Nichols, to meet with the Democratic candidate for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District and to enjoy a pig roast.

District Attorney John Andrews, chairman of the Butler County Democratic Executive Committee, said that Bright was not a “Pelosi liberal nor a yellow dog Democrat like myself.”

“He’s been the best mayor the city of Montgomery has ever had,” Andrews said. “And he won’t be beholden to anyone but the people of this district.”

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Bright thanked everyone for coming to the evening’s event and began speaking of the recent political ad that tells of his background and birthplace.

“My dad was a sharecropper in Dale County, and I know you’re probably sick of hearing that ad,” Bright said, laughing. “But I like it. I’m proud of that ad.”

Bright’s father died when he was 18.

“After that, I had to get things such as college on my own.”

He added that when he found out that Congressman Terry Everett would not be running again for the second congressional seat, he knew instantly that he was going to run.

“This goal now is one of the most important goals I’ve ever set,” Bright said. “We’re in turbulent times now, and I see fear in people because they don’t know who to trust or who to look to for honesty.”

“I took over as mayor of Montgomery in turbulent times 10 years ago, and we’ve reversed that. We’ll always have issues, but it’s how you solve those issues and how you work together that makes the difference.”

“I’m a blue dog conservative Democrat,” Bright said. “And I will transcend party lines to get the job done—I’ll be towing your line in Washington, not the party line.”

Bright said that he was disappointed in the negative campaign ads that had been running lately, adding that he wanted to put forth a “clean campaign act in Congress.”

“Our economy needs attention with the recent Wall Street bailout, our healthcare, our schools, our infrastructure—all of these need attention.”

Bright also emphasized that many politicians had been committing “political fraud” by proclaiming to be “pro-life, pro-military, and pro-guns,” but once they are elected, they change their tune.

“As soon as they get elected, they tow the party line,” he explained. “I will tow your line.”