Hyundai supplier leaves Georgiana

Published 12:14 am Saturday, October 4, 2008

At the end of last month, the city of Georgiana lost a number of jobs with the relocation of Auto Electronic Corporation to LaGrange, Ga.

Auto Electronic Corporation is a Tier-Two supplier that made racks and carts for the Hyundai plant in Montgomery.

“The fact is that you can only make so many carts and racks for these plants, so the market here left,” said Ricky McLaney, director of Butler County’s Commission for Economic Development.

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LaGrange was selected by the Auto Electronic Corporation because of its proximity to a new Kia plant.

McLaney estimated that around 20 to 25 jobs were lost in the move.

Even though the business is gone, the city and the commission are looking to find a new tenant for the building.

“They left the building in good shape, and Georgiana did a great job of building additions to it,” McLaney said. “That gives the city a good building to market.”

McLaney said the building has been listed on a development database, and they are looking at possible candidates to bring in.

Georgiana Mayor-elect Mike Middleton said the city is also looking for a tenant.

“There weren’t too many local people working out there, so hopefully we can find someone that will hire some local people and get money into the local economy,” Middleton said. “We’re going to pursue it. We look forward to getting out there and finding someone else to come in.”