Greenville patrolmen to receive Tasers

Published 10:44 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Greenville police officers may soon be armed with Tasers thanks to grant received through ADECA.

Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram said his department would receive a $13,807.77 reimbursement through ADECA’s Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety division to purchase 13 Tasers, rechargeable batteries, training cartridges, and 85 standard cartridges.

“The Tasers will be utilized by our patrol division,” said Ingram. “Tasers are non-lethal devices and a lot of times we have police officers who have to use physical force to subdue suspects. We have too many situations now where suspects resist arrest, which can lead to injuries for everyone involved.”

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Ingram recalled a situation where an individual armed with a screwdriver threatened Greenville patrolmen at Wendy’s on Fort Dale Rd.

The subject attempted to charge police officers while brandishing the weapon and police officers could only hold him at gunpoint.

A deputy with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene with a Taser and subdued the subject.

Ingram said Greenville police officers would undergo a training course, during which they will have to be on the receiving end of the device.

“Any law enforcement officer who carries a Taser must be shot with it during training,” said Ingram. “We will also implement a Taser policy to govern their use.”