Crenshaw County Farmers Federation holds annual meeting

Published 7:39 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Alabama Farmers Federation of Crenshaw County held its annual Camp Stew Supper and annual meeting last Thursday evening at E.L. Turner Park.

Right before the meeting began, a quick shower threatened the many ALFA members who had gathered, but it soon subsided. President Augusta Cook presided over the meeting and thanked everyone for coming out to enjoy some of the “best camp stew around,” and he thanked everyone who had worked hard to cook it all day.

During their regular business meeting, the members approved a resolution for Crenshaw County ALFA to support any requests that may be made to state senators and representatives for their help with funding for road and bridge repairs.

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Next, Mrs. Deloris Mount was recognized for winning first place in the state quilting competition for her quilt “Cool, Comfortable, and Crenshaw.” The quilt was done by hand with intricate beading and designs. Mount has won the ALFA state quilting competition three times—in 2004, 2006, and 2008– and Crenshaw County boasts the state title four out of the last five years, with Mrs. Patsy Brown of Highland Home winning the state title in 2007.

Presently, Mount teaches an after school class at Brantley High for students who want to learn how to quilt.

For the county’s cooking contest, this year’s winner was Mrs. Janice Hollis. The category was soups.

Member Margaret Fox reported that she and her husband Dave took four students, two from Luverne High and two from CCA, to a 4-H camp this summer that was very informative for all attending.

Member David Cole added that a new leadership program, one that is in its second year, was designed to focus on youth and help get them interested in the Alabama Farmers Federation and all of the things the organization does.

“This new young leaders’ program is to help inform them more about our organization, of the things we do, and how they can get more involved,” he said.

Cole added that ALFA would also be sponsoring a $1,750 scholarship for students who would be attending Auburn University for agriculture or forestry degrees.

President Augusta Cook also officially crowned Crenshaw County’s 2008 Miss Ag Danielle Welch.

The evening culminated with the camp stew supper, which was enjoyed by all.