Don’t take health for granted

Published 4:31 pm Wednesday, September 10, 2008

“Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.” I was recently reminded of this axiom, attributed to an unknown author, when illness put the brakes on my daily routine.

Though I unwisely resisted my wife’s initial urges to seek medical attention, I ultimately gave in to reason and visited the emergency room at L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital.

The diagnosis called for Olympics around the clock, hot meals on schedule, naps on impulse and bright-smiling, well-wishing guests — all bundled in a four-day stay.

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Pneumonia is not a pleasant experience, but my stay at Stabler was as comfortable as possible right from the onset.

Needles and I get along like Bama oil and Auburn water, which could be viewed as a slight liability for my Patient of the Year campaign. But, thanks to a handful of good-sported nurses, I managed to get through a week of playing pincushion without once passing out [an ability that has evaded me until this point in my life].

When I left my follow up appointment yesterday with the all-systems-go, it struck me how blessed I am to have overall good health. With many others facing less fortunate circumstances, it’s something I’ll try not to take for granted.

Despite the fact my family has been in town only a few months, this recent experience wasn’t my first at L.V. Stabler. That initial incident involved a Capri Sun drink straw, nasal passages, child logic and a valuable life lesson [another story for another time].

These experiences weren’t the kind I’d like to repeat, but they made me realize a couple of things:

Quality healthcare is one of a community’s most valuable assets.

Greenville and Butler County are fortunate to have nearby access to such a team of professionals, services and facilities.