Enjoy The Advocate this Fourth of July

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our hope is that you enjoy reading every copy of The Greenville Advocate and that you find interesting and enlightening data in each edition.

Today's holiday issue is a special one and includes:

n The entire text of the Declaration of Independence on the front of our Lifestyles section. We talk about it with reverence as one of the most powerful documents ever written, but have you ever really read it? Spend some time with it as you enjoy the freedom it ultimately produced.

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n A full page rendering of the American flag, its majestic blue field of 50 stars - one for each state - and its 13 dynamic stripes representing each of the original 13 colonies in crisp color. Show your colors. If you don't have a material flag to display, attach today's version in The Advocate to a window in your office or home, sharing your patriotic spirit with others.

n Our second edition of Relish magazine. America's &#8220most notable magazine launch of 2006” that is now available the first week of each month to 28 million newspaper readers. That includes you. Today's issue celebrates the country's love of food with dozens of cooking tips, classic recipes with ingredients and new ideas to make kitchen work even easier.

So snuggle into your favorite chair, sit back and enjoy today's most special of holidays with your most special of newspapers.

Happy Fourth of July!