Greenville Wal-Mart#039;s beef safe, says manager

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 14, 2007

Attention, local Wal-Mart shoppers: your ground beef is safe.

Last Friday Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. of Springdale, Arkansas, recalled more than 40,000 pounds of ground beef shipped to Wal-Mart stores in 12 states after samples from a Sherman, Texas plant showed evidence of E. coli contamination.

Greenville Super Wal-Mart General Manager Bill McCrary is very happy to say his store is not one of those who received the contaminated beef.

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&#8220The recall didn't affect the Wal-Marts here in this part of the state, from around Tuscaloosa on down to the Dothan area,” McCrary said.

&#8220We all get our beef from the Brundidge warehouse, and it was not one of those on the list. We are safe.”

While some customers have expressed concerns, McCrary said he had been able to assure them there is no problem with the Greenville store's beef.

The recall affected certain Wal-Mart stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

The beef was in pre-packaged trays inserted directly into the meat case.

No illnesses have yet been reported in connection with the contaminated meat.

Stores affected by the recall pulled the products from meat cases and destroyed the recalled ground beef still in their possession, Wal-Mart officials said.

For McCrary, this escape from the latest product recall is a true relief.

&#8220After the peanut butter recall earlier this year, and then the pet food, it's been nice to get a break.

We still can't stock some of our dog foods due to that recall and we can't carry some of our peanut butter brands,” he said.

For updated info on the recall, go to the Tyson website at